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updated :March 10 2015 for Funday Sunday Vendor Contract

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 Funday Sunday 2015 (June 28 noon-6pm)
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    Smith Street - Shops, Restaurants, Bars
Singles, Couples and Family Living 
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The Little Street That Could...      Welcomes You, 
       By Day       
                By  Night                     

Dear Visitors,

               Almost unique among New York neighborhood shopping   
Smith Street has attained a perfect mix of old & new;       
       necessities & indulgences; elegance & funk; -- appealing equally
       to local, regional, and world wide tourist populations - both
       families and singles.

               Smith Street spans three great South Brooklyn neighborhoods:
      Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens.

                Why Smith Street?   Because neighbors meet each other
       and stop to chat while foreign tourists, guidebook directed to us,
       blend right in to feel a sense of what it is like to live, shop, dine,
       and relax in some of  NYC's greatest neighborhoods   We hope
       you enjoy your time with us and find what you were looking for
       coming here.
hank you for your visit. 

South Brooklyn Local Development Corp.(SBLDC)